Monday, July 6, 2009

The Dark Arts Rising Soundtrack and More Info

It should come as no surprise to my regular readers that I listen to music while I write. The Dark Arts are no different, in fact I listen to more music if anything.

Dark Arts Rising takes place in 1996, and the soundtrack includes a few radio hits from that year as well as a number of tracks that came out between 1994-1996 and made an impact on either the top 40 or the metal charts. There are also a couple other, older tracks mixed in for colour.

It's a strange feeling to research a time you lived in. The reminders of what life was like back then with the Internet just starting,and texting reduced to short pager messages are pretty interesting. It was only thirteen years ago but life has changed technologically. Picking and choosing which features of the year to include in the story just so it felt like 1996 was a lot of fun, and if the response to the Dark Arts is positive, I look forward to continuing to look back into the recent past.

Dark Arts Rising begins tomorrow and for seven weeks there will be a new segment every seven days. It's a copyrighted, free to read project. Instead of charging money up front for the work in its entirety you can read the story as it's posted and pay whatever you think it's worth afterwards. If there is enough support I'll write more in the future. Dark Arts Rising is a completed work divided into seven sections.

So, enjoy the soundtrack, support the bands you enjoy and I'll see you back here tomorrow when Dark Arts Rising launches!


[What do you think of the business model behind the Dark Arts? Leave a comment!]

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